Polyester Swim Cap

The polyester swim cap is suitable for hobbyists and professional athletes alike to protect the swimmer's hair and head.

1. Color: bright red, black, white, royal blue, dark blue, pink, green, yellow, orange, sky blue, purple
2. Dimensions:
Adult: 21 x 19 cm
Children: 19 x 17 cm
3. Material: 100% polyester.
4. Packaging: 1000 pcs/box
Box dimension: 43.5 x 39 x 47cm
G.W:16KG, N.W:15KG.

1. The polyester swim cap is less expensive than swim caps made of other materials.
2. It is wrinkle-free, high temperature resistant and wearable.
3. This swim cap is comfortable and air-permeable, and often more comfortable than a general silicone swim cap as it does not squeeze the wearer's head as tightly.

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