Quick Dry Microfiber Bathrobe


The quick dry microfiber bathrobe is extremely portable, meaning it can be folded and easily placed in a suitcase for business trips, general travel, trips to the gym, or just for use around the house.
1. Color (suitable for men and women): Sky blue, yellow, fruit green, royal blue, dark blue.
2. Sizes (men and women): XS,M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
3. Material: 88% polyester+12% nylon.

1. The quick dry microfiber bathrobe is portable, quick to dry, anti-bacterial, soft and comfortable, with no fading or fraying, even after long term usage.
2. This is a 'breathing' bathrobe which means it is dry and air-permeable for extreme comfort. It also features a static-resistant and moisture wicking performance, keeping it sanitary for use. This sanitary design makes it a great choice to be offered in SPA, hotels and other public areas that must be up to sanitary certification standards.

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